Accumulators & Filter Driers

Reynosa Plant Floor

As a basic manufacturer in accumulators and filter driers, Everco® HD offers quality units manufactured in a ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001 certified facility. State-of-the-art production equipment including robotic welding and automated CNC machining, ensure product integrity and quality. The use of high quality materials allow for a longer lasting performance our customers can rely on. With a wide range of tooling available, we also have the opportunity to meet customer specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

Precision Machined Fittings for Easy Installation and Proper Fit and Function

High Quality Welds Ensure Durable, Leak Free Design

Heat Sealed Desiccant Bag to Provide Proper Placement

    Also Features: Compatible with both R12 and R134a refrigerants meets or exceeds O.E. specifications


Why Replace?

Replacing the accumulator / filter drier is an essential part of doing the job right.

  • The accumulator / filter drier acts as a filter by removing moisture and contaminates from the air conditioning system. Such contaminates cannot be removed by flushing, therefore replacing the accumulator / filter drier is essential. 
  • The absorption of moisture in the system is done through the use of a desiccant bag. A leaking or “open” system can cause the bag to become saturated within a few hours after being exposed to the atmosphere making the accumulator / filter drier ineffective. 
  • Replacement of the accumulator / filter drier is required to validate compressor warranty and must be replaced anytime the system is serviced.