EVERCO HD® brings you the latest technological developments in the design of automotive air conditioning condensers by car manufacturers, providing you with a quality product you have come to expect from us. We offer every condenser style to match the style, fit, and function of the O.E. condenser which includes a wide range of car & light truck applications.

Fit, Form & Function

Why choose EVERCO HD® Condensers?

  • Everco HD® condenser brackets are ribbed to increase strength and rigidity for mounting and component support.
  • All Everco HD® integral oil coolers are designed with rectangular tubes to precisely match the O.E. configuration in terms of form, fit and function.
  • Condenser tubes should never be used in the oil cooler section, nor should oil cooler tubes be used in the condenser section.
  • Condenser side members are “U” shaped to increase rigidity and protection against fin damage from excessive stress.

Oil Cooler Tube


Condenser Tube

U Shaped Side Member