The purpose of the evaporator is to condition the air in the vehicle passenger compartment.  As air is blown across the surface of the evaporator fins, cold refrigerant flowing through the evaporator will remove heat and cool the air.  As the air cools, moisture will condense into water on the fins lowering the humidity.  The water will collect some of the dust and pollen filtering the air. Evaporators are made of aluminum to resist corrosion and are pressure tested at the factory.  Our evaporators also come with the necessary O-rings and gaskets for ease of installation. 

Features & Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds O.E. design and performance
  • OEM Replacement
  • Aluminum Body
  • Plate Rib Pattern
  • Various Inlet/Outlet Locations
  • Optimized Refrigerant Flow
  • Gaskets, Orings, Sealing Washers Coverage
  • Fit, form and function is the same as the O.E.
  • O.E. type & dimensions for ease of installation \ OEM style bodies
  • Lightweight corrosion resistant improves condensation
  • More than 50 plate designs allows maximum heat transfer and manufacturing flexibility
  • Packaging Flexibility, Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Optimized pressure drop, Multiple Body Designs
  • Best coverage for your domestic and import vehicles

Design & Quality

Everco® HD maintains a close tolerance to each design for fit, form and function to meet or exceed O.E. performance.


  • Single multi-channel tube folded over its fins
  • Compact design for small vehicles

Tube & Fin

  • Tubes are pressed through the fins and connected together with elbow joints
  • Segmented into three or four separate passage ways
  • Larger in size for vehicles with a larger passanger area to cool

Plate & Fin

  • Plates are bonded together and stacked with layers of fins
  • Greater surface area for cooling in a limited space
  • Multiple plate designs allows for flexibility in tube and fitting locations

Parallel Flow

  • Small multi-channel tubes layed with fins between two tanks
  • Designed for use with systems that have a smaller refrigerant charge