Expansion Devices

Pressure Regulators

Everco® HD expansion devices are specifically calibrated to provide proper flow to the evaporator as well as restricting or modulating high pressure liquid causing a pressure drop to lower the refrigerant temperature. They also provide optimum cabin comfort for both the driver and passengers.

Expansion Valves


    • Block Valves are aluminum construction; all internal parts are designed O.E. specifications
    • Internally and externally equalized valves are copper and brass constructio
    • Designed to meet or exceed O.E. specifications
    • Tubes to cap connections are double soldered to insure integrity
    • Coverage includes both forward and reverse flow designs
    • Tonnage and superheat is matched to O.E. specifications
    • Power valve is seasoned for 30 days assembled and 100% function tested prior to shipping

Everco® HD expansion valves are built to match O.E. design. After assembled, each valve is tested and calibrated to match it’s O.E. specifications. Some competitors build multiple valves to just one specification setting which can lead to poor cooling performance.

Power Element (Diaphram)

Equalizing Pressure Port

Temperature Sensing Element

Pushrod Upper Guide and Seal Plug

Pushrod Seal


Ball and Seat

Superheat Spring

Retainer Plug

Remote bulb and capillary tube (temperature sensing element)

Power valve


Ball and seat


External equalizing capillary tube

Orifice Tube


  • Separates high side from low side
  • Regulates flow of liquid refrigerant into evaporator (Creates restriction)
  • Refrigerant boils (evaporates) upon entering low pressure area in evaporator

 Fixed Orifice Tube - Must be replaced with compressor

  • Refrigerant flows through fixed diameter tube- Diameter set by system design
  • Flowrate determined by pressure drop across orifice & tube diameter
  • Performance optimized at highway speeds
  • Orifice Tubes are built application specific per OEM size and color


Orifice Tube