Features & Benefits

Orifice Tubes

Orifice tubes serve as the divide between the high and low pressure sections of the A/C system. A very simple component with no moving parts, orifice tubes also serve as a refrigerant filter and can become clogged with debris, which always requires the orifice tube to be replaced.

  • Separates high side from low side
  • Creates a restriction to regulate flow of liquid refrigerant into evaporator
  • Refrigerant boils and evaporates upon entering low pressure area in evaporator

 Fixed Orifice Tube - Must be replaced with compressor

  • Refrigerant flows through fixed diameter tube
    • Diameter set by system design
  • Flow rate determined by pressure drop across orifice & tube diameter
  • Performance optimized at highway speeds
  • Orifice tubes are built application specific per OEM size and color
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    Sealing O-Ring

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Typical Orifice Tube System

Typical Orifice Tube System