Problem Solving Hose

Ford Suction Line P/N 973052

The original equipment (O.E.) air conditioning suction hose used in the F-650 & F-750 trucks needs additional shielding from the heat of the exhaust manifold to reduce failure and prevent refrigerant leaks. To improve the longevity and durability of the suction hose on F-650 and F-750 vehicles, a complete redesign was required.

Hose Improvements_1.jpg

Everco HD started by upgrading the hose to a barrier grade (SAE J3062 - type C, class 1 (G4890-14) which is designed for zero-permeation. Engineering analysis found the O.E. suction hose was a non-barrier, all rubber style prone to leaking and ultimately failure. Extending the heat shield the full length of the hose minimizes exposure to heat radiating from the close proximity to the exhaust manifold.

Hose Improvements_2.jpg

It should be noted that all air conditioning hose assembly products made by Everco HD utilize SAE J3062 – type C, class 1 (G4890-14) refrigeration hose which provides the best quality product to the market place.