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Airflow and A/C Performance

In this video, we will discuss tips about airflow, and the effect that it has on air conditioning and A/C pressures.

Dye Leak Detection Tips

In this video we will demonstrate effective dye leak checking techniques and share some tips to enhance your leak detection success rate.

Compressor Lubrication Tips

In this video we will answer some common and not so common questions we receive about adding oil to the air-conditioning system when replacing the compressor.

HD Drop-In Replacement Conversion Kit

Many Ford E-Series vehicles are relied upon by emergency first responders each and every day. Unfortunately, the O.E. Ford scroll compressor typically found in these types of A/C systems, are not as dependable due to inefficiencies at lower RPMs and sensitivity to liquid slugging. Watch video to learn more!

ECV Diagnostic Compressor Tool

Many of today's vehicles are now equipped with an ECV Compressor. These compressors do not have a conventional clutch, meaning the compressor shaft turns all the time, even when the air-conditioning is off! This sophisticated technology can make it difficult to determine if poor air conditioning performance is being caused by a computer control issue or a refrigeration system issue. This can result in an expensive misdiagnoses and unnecessary compressor replacement. Everco Heavy Duty's new Compressor Driver Tool puts YOU in direct control of Compressor pumping displacement, making diagnoses simple and easy!

ECV Diagnostic Tool Universal Connectors Demo

Here's a quick demo on how to hook up your ECV Compressor Diagnostic tool with the part 995736.

Deslugger Demo

Many of today’s A/C systems are designed with low-mounted Compressors which are susceptible to a condition called liquid slugging. This is caused when oil and liquid refrigerant collect in the compressor body when the system is at rest, resulting in hydraulic lock and catastrophic failure upon initial compressor engagement. Everco Heavy Duty solves this problem with an innovative new product called the Deslugger!