ECV Tool

Electronically Controlled Variable Displacement Compressor (ECV) Diagnostic Tool Kit

Many of today's mobile HVAC systems are now equipped with an ECV Compressor. These compressors do not have a conventional clutch, meaning the compressor shaft turns all the time, even when the air conditioning is off! This sophisticated technology can make it difficult to determine if poor air conditioning performance is being caused by a computer control issue or a refrigeration system issue. This can result in an expensive misdiagnosis and unnecessary compressor replacement.

Part Number 995736

As HVAC technology evolves, diagnosing poor A/C performance has become increasingly more difficult. Everco HD's new ECV Compressor Diagnostic Tool puts YOU in direct control of compressor pumping displacement, making diagnosis simple and easy!

Kit Includes:

  • Hand held ECV Compressor tester unit
  • Power leads and wire harness set
  • 13 Female connectors
    • Including 11 for specific compressor applications and 2 universal connectors
  • 16 Male connectors
    • Including 14 for specific compressor applications and 2 universal connector
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Instruction sheet

Click here for the instruction sheet.

Quickly Diagnose Clutchless Compressor Failure!

Quickly Diagnose Clutchless Compressor Failure!

The Everco HD ECV Compressor driver tool allows you to bypass the computer and to put YOU in direct control of compressor operation. Simply attach the driver tool to the compressor solenoid using the custom pigtails provided and manually exercise the compressor through its full displacement range. If pressures increase, you know the issue is a computer control issue. If the compressor fails to pump, the problem is a compressor or basic system issue. This tool makes compressor diagnosis simple and easy!

The Benefits

  • Switch between manual and automatic mode to quickly differentiate between a computer control issue and a basic compressor/refrigeration system issue
  • In manual mode, easily increase or decrease the compressor displacement command in discrete step, 10%, 20%, 30% etc., while monitoring system pressures and temperatures. The tool LCD displays the PWM percentage being applied to the solenoid.
  • Tool monitors and displays solenoid resistance
  • With tool in automatic mode, monitor actual command being sent by the computer to the displacement solenoid
  • Test system in colder weather when compressor might not normally operate at maximum displacement
  • Comes with custom pigtails to test all major ECV compressors*
  • Tool interfaces with vehicle computer to avoid setting unnecessary codes during testing

*Warning: Failure to monitor the system pressures and temperatures while exercising compressor could result in catastrophic failure.